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High-quality ENDO products and services offer exceptional lighting installations world wide.

ENDO products and services, and meticulous pursuit of lighting that drives them, are hard at work in every field. Every ENDO solution offers the type and style of lighting that is most suitable for its location and objective, particularly for architectural and commercial facilities including landscape and recreational applications. Our extensive track record in Japan and around the world attests to the superb quality of our product portfolio.

Our Market
hotels,public buildings,medical centers,welfare facilities...etc.

department stores,shopping malls,supermarkets,retail shops...etc.

pachinko parlors,game arcades,karaoke dubs,casinos...etc.

redevelopment areas,parks ...etc.

high-end residential buildings ...etc.

We at ENDO are product to be a leading manufacturer in Japan’s lighting market.

Endo Lighting Corp. was founded in Osaka in 1967 as a manufacturer of original lighting fixtures. The unique nature of the products and services we have provided since that time originates from a dedication to create light that increases the value of its surroundings along with the technologies necessary to ensure the optimal projection of such illumination. Japan’s first publicly listed lighting manufacturer, we are currently the leading company in the architectural and commercial segment of the lighting market.

We create value added space through optimal staging and the highest possible energy efficiency.

Environmental conversation initiatives are a central focus of our operations, and we work to develop technologies and provide lighting expertise that delivers high value lighting environments with less energy. We strive not only to help architectural and commercial facilities boost business performance with dramatic lighting solutions, but also to enable people to coexist with the environment owing to the highest possible energy efficiency.

Business is founded in Osaka, Japan.

Endo Lighting Corp. (“Endo”) is established.

Sano Plant opens.

Minakuchi Plant opens.
Endo Lighting (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. is established in Bangkok, Thailand.

Endo becomes the first lighting manufacturer in Japan to be listed on a securities exchange.

Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd. is established in Kunshan, China.
Second Plant opens at Endo Lighting (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand.

Plant opens at Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd. in Kunshan, China.

Endo CEO Ryozo Endo becomes Vice Chairman of the Japan Luminaires Association.
Endo showcases products in the exhibition: “Light + Building 2006” in Germany.
Endo showcases products in the exhibition: “Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2006” in China.
Endo launches a full-scale sale in overseas markets.

ENDO’s distribution network encompasses more than 30 countries worldwide.

We have sales points all over the world and it enables you to treat world standard projects. Manufacturing facilities in Japan, Thailand and China combine with a growing sales network to underpin smooth delivery of ENDO products anywhere in the world.


Thailand Endo Lighting (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
China Kunshan Endo Lighting Co.,Ltd
India Endo Lighting Accessories India Private, Ltd.
USA ICON International inc.


Asia Oceania
Europe Middle & Near East
North America Latin America
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