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Dedication to quality and precision

We have refined the functionality of our products through careful attention to each and every aspect of their design, from the optimal lighting to safety, ease of installation and ease of lamp replacement and other maintenance. Even LED series are developed with module replace function.

Stringent quality checks in Japan

At ENDO, we are dedicated to providing products that exceed actual market requirements, a stance that is reflected in our reliance on performance evaluation test that exceed the quality guidelines established by law and relevant industry standards. For example, we verify products waterproofing by subjecting prototypes to continuous water exposure for several hours and for some models, for several days. Other elements of our multifaceted testing process include thermal analysis, vibration resistance testing and noise testing.

Our products are also designed for maximum safety and work efficiency during both installation and operation. ENDO products are distinguished by innovation that extends to the smallest detail, an approach that is reflected in our use of integrated parts, included gages to facilitate ease angle measurement, and cooling system for dissipating heat.

Reflecting a commitment to precision that doesn’t stop with product delivery, ENDO uses die-cast aluminium bodies for exceptional durability and precision. Meticulous Japanese craftsmanship: Endo’s most unique product.