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Creating the future of earth-friendly & people friendly lighting

As environmental awareness continues to grow, LEDs are considered as an innovative source of lighting. However, such lighting tends to be valued only for its effectiveness in terms of brightness and energy-efficiency. Originally, light was valued for other reason, notably its ability to invigorate our minds and bodies. Here at ENDO, we are not only committed to determining actual brightness and efficiency values; we are also dedicated to researching the essence of light. At the same time, we are creating environments with high added value. In order to create attractively illuminated settings by utilizing the environmental benefits of LEDs to the full, we have applied our expertise in the optical control of LED light sources. We are focused on creating environments with high added value through eco-friendly, people-friendly, and energy-efficient products. We remain committed to expanding the potential of LED light.

Lens, reflectors featuring light control.

Our comprehensive and scientific program of research and development utilizes some of the world’s most advanced computer software and measuring instruments to explore such light characteristics as overall output, color, and design. Engineers conduct exhaustive simulations of individual light source reflection rates and indexes of refraction to create lens and reflector for every need. This reflector design technology is full used for new LED series as well. We have developed a proprietary optical control lens to achieve even, uniform light distribution with high efficiency.